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People have many reasons to opt for a free movie site. Many of us want to trim unnecessary expenses. Some do not watch movies frequently enough to pay for a monthly subscription. And many just prefer free entertainment. No matter what your reason is, you should stick with safe sites only. There are thousands of free movie sites on the Internet but only a few of them are safe. Free sites need ads for income while ads can carry viruses and malware. Security is the main reason people decide to pay for paid streaming services instead. If it has been your headache for a while, we have found you the cure: a free site with no ads. Or to be more specific, DopeBox. With no ads, DopeBox poses no risk to both your device and identity. The site also boasts a huge collection of movies for free streaming, HD quality, fast loading speed, constant content updates, and many more outstanding features. A penny saved is a penny earned. Earn money effortlessly by watching movies online for free at DopeBox! 

What is DopeBox?
DopeBox is a new name in the streaming industry. However, its content library and features show that every site has a chance to stand out, no matter where they are a newbie or a veteran. We have spent years learning about the industry as well as users ’expectations in order to create the best free movie site for the movie fan community. DopeBox allows users to watch and download thousands of movies and TV shows in the best resolution possible with no ads. We also provide users with fast loading speed, safe and private sources, seamless streaming feature, and many other benefits you never expect from a free movie site. 

Is DopeBox or 123movies Better for streaming movies and shows?
While 123movies is one of the most popular free movie sites, DopeBox is still quite a new name. However, we believe DopeBox will soon get the recognition it deserves with your support. DopeBox provides as high quality content and features as those of 123movies. For your safety, you should choose DopeBox instead as due to 123movies ’popularity, there are multiple fake sites claiming to be real. These sites can do more harm than good and it is impossible for users to figure out which of them is real, and which are not. Why put yourself at risk when you have already known about DopeBox? 

Is It Illegal to Use DopeBox?
DopeBox is not a legal site as the content for free streaming is pirated. However, if you are concerned about criminal or civil charges, don ’t worry, you are safe. According to copyright attorneys, watching movies online is not illegal, but sharing or downloading pirated content might cause you troubles with authorities. If you insist on downloading videos for later usage offline, use a reliable VPN and proceed at your own risk.  

Is DopeBox safe?
DopeBox is as safe as Youtube, Google, and Netflix. Our site is 100% ad-free, meaning that there are no ads, pop ups, or commercials on the site. Although most ads are safe, some of them might give you serious headaches such as identity theft, data loss, or corrupted networks. Therefore, it is only wise to stay away from ads altogether. As there is no registration or signup required on DopeBox, you do not need to reveal your information with the site. By doing so, you are also safe from information leakage. To sum it up, DopeBox is one of the safest and most reliable free movie sites you can find on the Internet. 

How To Download From DopeBox?
Downloading a movie on DopeBox is easy as a piece of cake. When you play a video, you will see the Download icon on the bottom of the video, along with other icons such as Closed Captions, Settings, Fullscreen, etc. Click on Download and follow the instructions, you will be able to download the video with a fast speed. 

Why Should You Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free on DopeBox?
Because DopeBox is one of the best free movie sites! What do you expect from a free site? Have you found one that meets all of your expectations? If not, check out this feature list of DopeBox and decide if the site is worth bookmarking: 
- Extensive content library: With thousands of movies and TV shows and new titles added on a daily basis, we are confident that you can find whatever you want to watch on our site, no matter what genre or subgenre you are into. 
- HD Resolution: HD resolution is a major factor contributing to an enhanced watching experience. It is 2021, no one wants to watch blurry videos any more. Your videos will automatically stream and download in HD quality; but if you find any buffering or lagging, it might be because of your unstable Internet connection. We provide the option to adjust the video quality, and you can go as low as 360p for smoother streaming. 
- Seamless streaming experience: Thanks to the fast loading speed and ad-free feature, you can watch your favorite videos smoothly with no lagging, buffering, redirects, or pop ups. 
- Daily database updates: New titles, including the latest releases, requested titles, as well as random interesting videos, are updated on a daily basis. Visit the home page frequently in order not to miss out on any gems. 
- Friendly user interface: The site ’s UI and UX are optimized for users ’convenience. You do not need to be familiar with movie sites to figure out how to use DopeBox. The search box is right at the center of the page, and the menu bar would help you filter the database easily. 
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported: You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, on any device possible, as long as you can access the Internet.
- Zero ads: Although some ads are funny to watch, no one comes to movie sites expecting to see ads. First, ads can be shady. And second, ads ruin a seamless streaming experience. But on DopeBox, there are absolutely no ads, pop ups, or commercials. Both your device and watching experience are saved! 
- No account or registration needed: You do not need to reveal any private information for a registration or sign up on DopeBox. By doing so, you can save your precious time for movies, and at the same time, dodge the risk of information leakage. 
- Best customer service: Customers are treated like King on DopeBox. On our site, users come first and foremost. We are at your service 24/7 to make sure you have no problems using the site. 

Best Alternative to DopeBox
Are you getting bored because of the pandemic? Are you looking for websites with free movies online, where you can watch movies nonstop in HD quality at no cost? We know your struggles and that 's why we have made our own research to share with you these 10 free streaming sites. Check out the list, choose the site that suits your interest the best, then start your watching spree!
Everyone who has tried knows how time-consuming it is to find a great site to watch movies for free online. By saying great, we mean a site that offers a huge selection of movies and series in high quality with no fee or even registration needed. It 's a gem for movie lovers! Unfortunately, those sites don 't last forever and hence, the gem-digging circle repeats. However, with the list below, you can rest assured you always have an alternative available whenever your frequently visited website is crashed. It ’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst possible scenario, so, bookmark them all!
Some of the sites might be blocked, so have your VPN ready for safe access. But be sure to have lots of free time ahead, these sites are like a magical portal into the wonderful world of cinematography, once you click, it 's hard to stop.

1. YesMovies  
YesMovies tops our first priority in this list of the best free streaming sites as it allows plenty of things that other streaming sites lack. Thanks to its lightweight user interface, you can search and watch movies smoothly at a faster speed. No limited access, no registration needed, and a huge selection of movies, TV shows, YesMovies is one of the best streaming sites you can ask for! You can either watch free movies online in HD/720p quality or download them for later use.

2. FMovies
Created in 2016, fMovies has been among the most visited streaming sites for 4 years thanks to its huge selection and convenience. The only downside is the ads, but its quality is superb. The site hosts a great mixture of classics, mainstream movies, and even underrated indie ones. The site can keep you updated with the latest movies that are still being shown in the theaters, however, the quality is mostly CAM. If you cannot find the movie(s) you want to watch, simply make a request and wait for a couple of days.

3. PrimeWire
If you are looking for foreign movies, TV shows, this is where you should head to! Due to its popularity, looking for your favorite foreign movies sometimes can be an impossible mission. Fortunately, PrimeWire aggregates contents from a multitude of free media repositories, therefore, you can find movies from everywhere in the world such as Europe, India, Japan, and even South East Asia. Foreign movies will be provided with high-quality dubbing or subtitles. And as the icing on the cake, the site is extremely user-friendly.

4. Soap2day
Soap2Day has grown significantly in popularity since its opening in late 2018 thanks to the HD video quality and lack of advertisements. You will need to sign up using an email and password to enjoy a huge list of film which are spread evenly into various categories. Although the site is pretty safe to use, you should use a VPN to access the website and avoid downloading movies from there.

5. Bmovies
One of the main reasons people frequent Bmovies is because it has lesser ads than similar movie streaming sites. With millions of users, is among the most popular sites to stream movies online at no cost. Without any registration, you can watch thousands of blockbuster movies, series online without paying a dime. If you have no idea what to watch just yet, a quick visit to the homepage should give you a good list of recommendations based on your interest.

6. Putlocker
Created in 2011, Putlocker has exploded in popularity, attracting millions of users after the shutdown of Megaupload. Simply put, Putlocker makes copyrighted content streamable for its users but they don 't own the rights and users don 't have to pay to watch these movies or shows either. As users can update contents on their own, the selection of movies and series here is huge and frequently updated.

7. 123Movies
123Movies is one of the most popular, long-standing websites for free streaming movies online with up to 98 million users overall. You can almost find any movies or series you want to watch here and stream them in 1080p with little to no advertisements or pop-ups. To sum it up, no registration needed, HD quality, few disturbances, English subtitles, and up-to-date contents, what else can you ask for from a free streaming site? Unfortunately, the domain 123Movies is already shut down, but you can still find its clone sites safely with VPN.

8. LosMovies  
Created in 2017, LosMovies is considered as a new kid in the block. However, thanks to its up-to-date contents, huge selection of films as well as high-quality display, LosMovies has quickly become a favorite hub and is frequently recommended by users on forums, such as Reddit. Millions of people around the world have chosen LosMovies to watch newly released movies as well as their old favorites. In some cases, you can even watch brand new movies that aren 't even shown yet in theaters.

9. Movie4k  
Thanks to it wide-ranging list of the most popular TV shows and movies, Movies4k is extremely popular in Europe. In Germany, Movies4k is even more popular than Twitter, PayPal, iTunes, and even Microsoft. So what makes Movies4k that special? The site doesn 't require registration, it is available in 7 languages, and it keeps you updated with all the latest movies. All you need to join the party is a good network connection and a device to access.

10. 1movies
1movies is another high quality streaming site that doesn 't ask you to pay for a dime! You can access a huge variety of entertainment as per your preference &tastes, no matter what it is. If you want to enjoy your movies without any disturbance, you can get the premium membership. It will let you download contents, access better and faster streaming servers, which gives you much better and smoother experience than before and a lot of filtering options to keep you safe from digital harm.

We might have a long way to go to become your perfect movie site. But as long as we know what you expect from us, we will work hard to make it happen. Therefore, please leave us some feedback and if you are satisfied with the site, please support us by sharing DopeBox with your friends and family. Thanks! is a Free Movies streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies online without having to register or paying, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also Download full movies from MoviesCloud and watch it later if you want.